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Our current Music Hall featured Attraction is the genre music labeled Irish/Celtic. The genre of "folk" music has become so varied that whether you normally listen to Rock, Pop, Country, Easy Listening or even Classical you will find excellent bands that will fit right in to your listening pleasure. The Spirit of the music can make Irishmen of musicians born all over the world and some of the best Irish/Celtic bans spread their talents across the spectrum of traditional aucustic performances to the power bagpipes of Rocker Tom Lenahan. Get ready to jig.

album cover-Tara's Fire Tara's Fire is simply the best thing yet to come out of Youngstown, Ohio. Although labeled as Irish/Celtic, their modern twist on even traditional tunes creates a sound you have to hear to believe. Their latest album "Kindling the Flame: Songs of Death, Destruction and Drinking" contains tunes you'll catch yourself humming all day.
Go visit the band. They've got a few tunes to share with you at their house.
Warm yourself at Tara's Fire

cover-Brand New Bag, by Lenahan Displaying a style he calls "Rhythm 'n' Greens", Tom Lenahan draws on his Chicago roots to produce an interesting blend of musical styles. He was the first in the States to use bagpipes in a rock band and, from the beginning, has enjoyed finding material in unusual places. In his new album, "Brand New Bag", the beat and driving vocals are so reminiscent of the 60's blues band "Savoy Brown" as to be haunting and his Bagpipes put a steel guitar to shame!
Visit Tom and the Band here. Lenahan

Sligo Rags

the Band, Sligo Rags in Performance
Sligo Rags - Home

Collect Johnny JumpUp Morrisons Jig; Go, Move, Shift; and 7 more of their Greatest Hits
Celtic music with a sprinkling of bluegrass,country, and jazz textures!

Sligo Rags has become the Southland's premiere Celtic Bluegrass ensemble.
Named Best Folk Band by "OC Live! Magazine" in 2004 and 2005

Noted music critic Simon Jones (Folk Roots, First Hearing, Music Maker, etc.), and supporter of the Celtic music revival, has taken keyboard in hand in his first installment of "The History of Celtic Rock." CELTIC ROCK: The Truth, perhaps! Find out that you are probably already familiar with some of it. (Anybody remember the Byrds?)

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