Welcome to the Geography of Religion Website. This site is the result of classes offered at Morehead State University in Morehead, KY taught by Dr. Timothy Pitts. This site is a collation of the research done by the students of GEO 399, The Geography of Religion. As further research is done in the future, this site will change to reflect this new information.

Although most text is readable regardless of the type of web browser you use, you will need a browser with minimal graphic capabilities. These webpages are not graphic heavy, so you will not usually be waiting endlessly to access these pages. However, graphics are used from time to time in linking the pages of this site.

The general format of this site is to select the religion of your choice from the main menu. Your selection will link you to the appropriate webpage. Each page contains the main points of each religion, and may include related texts, graphics, and links to relevant sites. The summary of each faith is followed by the geography of that faith which may include maps and demographic data. When encountering framed icons with captions such as "View Picture", click the icon to load the desired page. Since the work on many of these pages is ongoing, you are encouraged to check back later. Many of the features planned will not be added until later. Additional religions will be added to this site in the future as additional classes are taught. Because this website originated in Kentucky, we will try to feature local content from time to time.

Get ready for adventure into the spiritual realms of our world!

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