Lallan Scots is an English dialect found in the southern and eastern areas of Scotland. It was the language of the famous poet Robert Burns. Comparing this text to a standard English translation may help the reader to better understand. Copies of the Bible in Scots or Gaelic can be obtained from the National Bible Society of Scotland in Edinburgh.

The Beatitudes of Jesus
in Scots English

Syne he gaed round the haill of Galilee, teachin in their meetinhousses, an preachin the Kíngdom, an hailin ilka sickness an ilka complènt amang the fowk. His fame gaed outowre aa Sýria, an aa at wis oniegate ailin wis brocht til him--fowk dreein aa kinkind o ills an pyne, fowk pestit wi ill spirits, fowk afflickit wi the faain-síckness or the pairls--an he hailed them aa; an frae Galilee an the Ten Touns, frae Jerusalem an Judaea an ayont Jordan, muckle thrangs cam an fallowt him about.

Seein hou monie there wis o them, he spealed the brae, an whan he hed sitten doun, an his disciples hed gethert about him, he set tae the teachin, an this is what he said tae them:

"Hou happie the puir at is hummle afore God,
for theirs is the Kíngdom o heiven!
Hou happie the dowff an dowie,
for they will be comfortit!
Hou happie the douce an cannie,
for they will faa the yird!
Hou happie them at yaups an thrists for richteousness,
for they will get their sairin!
Hou happie the mercifu,
for they will win mercie!
Hou happie the clean of hairt,
for they will see God!
Hou happie the redders of strow an strife,
for they will be caa'd the childer o God!
Hou happie them at hes dree'd misgydin for richteousness' sake,
for theirs is the Kíngdom of Heiven!

Hou happie ye, whan they tash an misgyde ye an say aaithing ill o ye, líein on ye, for my sake! Blythe be ye an mirkie, for gryte is the rewaird bidin ye in heiven; it wis een sae they misgydit the Prophets afore ye."

Matthew 4:23-5:12 excerpted from Lorimer, William Laughton (translator), The New Testament in Scots. Edinburgh: Southside (Publishers) Ltd., 1983.
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