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The Geography of Religion Website
Credits Page

The following persons are responsible for much of the material for these website pages...

Basics The Geography of Religion Basics: Dr. Timothy Pitts (lecture material) and George N. Sharik
Buddhism Buddhism: John Johnson and Christopher Owings
Confucianism Confucianism: Delvin Hickerson, Jr. and Trevor K. Kirkland
Hinduism Hindusim: Christopher T. Hash
Humanism Secular Humanism: Ben Hawkins
Islam Islam: Robert J. Moore
Jainism Jainism: Dana L. Crain
Judaism Judaism: George N. Sharik
Orthodox Christianity Eastern Orthodoxy: Andre Horton
Protestantism Protestantism: Pamela R. Williams
Catholicism Roman Catholicism: Sydney Shabazz
Rastafarianism Rastafarianism: Kevin Adams
Shintoism Shintoism: Jean Besaut
Sikhism Sikhism: John Bowling
Taoism Taoism: Karen Helton
Other Religions Other: George N. Sharik
Links Links: Original links by George N. Sharik, updated links (1999) by Aaron Jones

This website was a project entirely written and assembled by the students of Morehead State University. Current design, editing, buttons, additional original material, and HTML coding is by George N. Sharik. Design and coding was kept simple so that these pages could be accessed by the widest number of web browsers. We would like to thank Professor Timothy C. Pitts for his instruction and envisionment of this website as well as the Geography Department of Morehead State University for making this project possible.

This website was originally the result of the first offering of the Geography of Religion as a special class at Morehead State University in the spring semester of 1996. Now, in the spring of 1999, the editor is happy to present the contributions of yet another class of students. Their contributions are noted along with the original contributors to this website. New and updated links are the responsibility of the current webmaster. The new "mirror" of this website (2005) has been made possible with cooperation of the original creator, George N. Sharik.

Notepad graphic Credits for multimedia and supplemental materials will be found in the References section for each webpage. HTML coding and additional materials were made possible through Paul McFedries' The Complete Idiot's Guide to Creating an HTML Web Page (1996). This is a user friendly how-to book which came with a CD-ROM containing a number of different shareware programs and free graphics, some of which were used in creating this website. The current version (1998) of the pages on this website were created almost entirely with MS Notepad text editor. Buttons were designed and created in Microsoft's Paint.

NOTICE TO COPYRIGHT HOLDERS: Materials used herein are being used for non-profit educational purposes under the fair use clause of the Copyright Act. If use of your material offends you, please contact us and we will remove it immediately.

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DISCLAIMER: Nothing on the pages of this website should be construed as advocating, supporting or denying any group, message, or personal faith. Every attempt has been made to approach the subject matter with respect for the opinions of others and the dignity due all human beings. All opinions expressed on these pages are the opinions of their authors and should not be construed as having been sanctioned by Morehead State University or any academic or governmental body. Links to other websites should not be considered as endorsements of these other sites. The information provided on these webpages is for educational purposes only and should not be used for religious instruction.

George N. Sharik can be reached via the webmaster through the above link.

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Version 1.2 dated 05.17.99
and relevant revisions for this legacy edition of The Geography of Religion website is dated 09.10.05

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