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There are several types of programs on the world wide web that allow you to make a bit of money without taking much time or effort. Here at the "Fun Money" classroom we are going to give you a brief overview of "opinion surveys" and "paid to click" money making opportunities.

Your Best Bet - Opinion Surveys

Surveys are a good source of occasional income. Advertisers and manufacturers are in constant need of consumers' opinions on market trends and products and the internet has provided them their best contact with the people they need for information. Some of the companies that you will be working with pay cash each time you take a survey. Others will build your account up to a certain amount before they issue a single, larger payment. There are some companies that pay only in gift cards to chosen retailers which is still value received. Then there are survey sites which will only offer you chances into large payout drawings, which is okay if you think Dame Fortuna is on your side. Here at the Greenwoods Village business college we won't intentionally set you up with them as we are interested in steady ways to make money.

Generally, once you sign up with the survey companies, they will e-mail you invitations to their surveys. You don't have to keep going back to check with them, just check your mail daily. The time you spend may be from a few minutes to a half hour working your way through the survey forms but it's usually multiple choice and mouse friendly. If this sounds interesting to you, go to Legitimate Paid Surveys now and check out the listing of survey sites they are currently promoting. Sign-up on all of them is free and the sooner you get on their survey panels, the quicker you can begin bringing in some cash.

Once you get out on the web you will find many "advertisements" that pretend to be surveys. They will ask you to choose between one product and another. Frankly they don't care, they just want to lure you into wading through their advertising and signing up for "participation required" programs and products. So distrust them from the start and don't waste your time.

Reading Advertisements for Money

Another way you can make a little money is by signing up with some of the Pay to Click sites. These are pure business ventures. You will be getting your money by looking at advertisements. They are willing to pay a small fee in hopes that you will buy their product or sign up with their service. You will find interesting things to get into but remember, your primary motive is making money - Not Spending It! At the PTC Lab we will feature those sites we have tested and found to be easy to use and pay a competitive wage. Considered as paying lab work, we hope you will follow through and sign in to these sites ASAP. It's not quite like throwing you in the water to see if you can swim, but you do need to get your feet wet.

Get Started - Good Luck

Whichever course you decide on, we wish you the best.


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