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Here at the village we believe that the more you know, the more you grow; so it comes as no surprise we have a well stocked Library. Check it out for free volumes you can take home with you and more for sale; both new and used.

Wander into our Reading Room for newspapers, magazine articles and stories to read for the enjoyment of it.

Rather than wait till a big Grand Opening, we decided to open a new room to our growing "Gallery of Human Art" each time we finish one. Come share in the triumph of Human Expression across the ages; from ancient Cave Paintings to the latest Contemporary Trend. Bookmark the Gallery so you can spend more pleasant afternoons Browsing the Displays of Human Art.

After a day at the fair, you'll be wanting something good to eat. For the tastiest ideas in cyberspace, stop over at Miz Moon's Inn and check out the culinary delights hanging around. Let her share her fine recipes and tips to keep a captive audience returning to Your Kitchen.

If you've come to find ways to make money, head over to the Business School now. Whether you just want to pick up extra spending money or seek to start your own computer based business, you will find ways to gain that extra cash your pockets long for.

Fun is the name of the game at the Arcade. Stop by and test your skills; we have free games to take home and play as well as a new flash game to play onsite and links to games where you can put your money where your luck is!

There's always a pleasant tune coming from the Music Hall down the street. No cover charge and there's a band onstage right now. Lend an ear and come on down!

There is a quiet place to rest and seek inspiration at the Chapel. Peacefully come and meditate on some of the great thoughts of the ages. We welcome you of all faiths or none to promote unity between the whole human race.

The Geography of Religion website originated as part of the studies at Morehead State University in the late 1990's. Though it has long since disappeared from their server, I had found it to be a fascinating reference to study the components of a vast array of the world's religions and beliefs. Through special permission of the orthe site, Greenwoods Village is proud and honored to be able to present the Geography of Religion once more to the world and hope you take advantage of its wealth of information to further your studies of how, despite the difference in details, humanity continues to seek understanding of the Divine.

We at the Village believe that the Earth still provides enough bounty for all her children so that no one should ever be hungry. Therefore, in order to aid that dream, we strongly support the work of "America's Second Harvest" at...

Give Free Food Here

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